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Export Finance

Export Finance

Inter-Afrique Captial offers export finance solutions to help clients to purchase plant and equipment from overseas suppliers on a cost-competitive basis. With our export financing solutions, our clients can procure and import all kinds of plant and capital equipment. (i.e. individual equipment units, complete production units, industrial complexes and infrastructural installations) including related engineering and commissioning services from their preferred suppliers at the lowest financing cost.

Due to BNP Paribas global network of offices, customers can source their purchases from all the leading exporting countries, including the OECD markets as well as Brazil, China, India, South Africa etc.

Benefits of our export finance

  • Our Export Finance transactions can be structured to benefit from a wide range of security packages including sovereign guarantees, bank guarantees and corporate guarantees.
  • Clients in both the private and public sectors can access attractive long term funding for both start-up and expansion projects via export finance transactions.
  • Eligible export financing transactions range in size from US$10 million to US$200 million and beyond.

Corporate and Project Finance

Our diverse transactional experience and wide exposure to various sectors uniquely place us to offer a broad range of corporate and project finance solutions...